EMA is a new and innovative association that is dedicated to advancing the quality of energy management products and services for the benefit of the building owner. The founding members are certified Energy Management Professionals (EMP), a program that was developed by ACG, the world's leading association of certified commissioning authorities. Management of the program has been transferred to EMA.

The program includes the recently published Energy Management Guideline, training, and certification for Energy Management Professionals. EMPs are individuals who have demonstrated the requisite knowledge and experience of the energy management process and are committed to serve as advocates of the building owner.

EMA has adopted a commissioning-based approach to energy management described in the Energy Management Guideline. This process-oriented approach is designed to assist the building owner in achieving energy savings while maintaining optimum building performance. The method is data-driven as opposed to making assumptions and calculations based on unreliable information.

Having established a process to improve energy management services, EMA would now like to expand its membership base to include other engineers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, utilities, commissioning providers, and others with an interest in advancing the quality of energy management services. The association is committed to achieving the following:

  • Training and Certification: Provide training and certification to energy management professionals.
  • Education: Educate building owners, government agencies, and others about the benefits associated with comprehensive, commissioning-based energy management services.
  • Accreditation: Work with other organizations and federal agencies on achieving accreditation of EMA's energy management certifications.
  • Cx Energy: Co-sponsor Cx Energy, the annual conference and exposition that covers the integration of commissioning and energy management.
  • New Products and Services: Highlight new technologies, equipment, and other products and services in the marketplace.